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How To Apply To HSBC Credit Card And To Redeem Points

When you think about how to apply to HSBC credit card many questions can cross your mind. In our article we are going to talk about important details a prospective customer may be interested in as well as how to proceed in each one of them.

First things first, the initial doubt to be answered will be about HSBC credit card requirements, so you will be aware of what it takes to get one of them.

Connected to it, we are also going to talk about how to activate HSBC credit card, so you will be able to start using it.

Of course as soon as you may use your brand new credit card you will want to know the HSBC credit card benefits and every kind of service and/or product you may get by using it.

Attached to the natural curiosity related to the benefits themselves, the potential customers want to know how to redeem HSBC credit card points and what shops and services are part of the program.

In order to have the best possible use of your credit card, keeping the control is an ultimate behavior its bearer may have, so we are going to talk about how to check HSBC credit card balance.

Having more concrete evidences about the availability of resources and what operations you´ve already used are two very prudent actions. Thus, how to get HSBC credit card statement will be one of the topics you will read in our article.

Benefits are very important and grateful, but so is HSBC credit card payment. So, being timely about it will provide you tranquility and usefulness every moment you need to use it.

In a fast-paced world convenience is a something everybody looks for. Being able to make your HSBC credit card payment by app is a demonstration of other benefit you´ll have in the palm of your hands. Literally.

You are fulfilled with your credit card and would like to enjoy it a little bit more. Well, we are going to show you how to increase HSBC credit card limit.

We hope not, but it’s possible the situation is completely different and actually you desperately would like to know how to cancel HSBC credit card.

In case you require to talk to someone who may give you important information about services, products or something else, you will find a phone number which can help you to achieve your goals.

Wish you a good reading!

Know More:

How To Apply To HSBC Credit Card

How To Apply To HSBC Credit Card

If you want to know how to apply to HSBC credit card, probably you’ll be happy to know that no bureaucracy or tons of time will be required from you. Actually, it’s all much simple. Have a look:

  • The first possibility you have to apply is going to the bank website;
  • Other possibility is call the Phone Banking service, so that you may arrange for a representative to visit you;
  • A third possibility is heading to any branch in India.

As for the channels they are variable and all of them offer convenience and quickness on the process of application.

HSBC Credit Card Requirements

In order to apply for a credit card there are some HSBC credit card requirements as far as the documentation you need to provide. They are:

  1. Recent passport size photograph of the applicant;
  2. Copy of a valid photo identity document;
  3. Copy of your residence address proof;
  4. Copy of the latest salary slip or income tax returns or Form 16.

All of them have to be self-attested and the original documents, necessarily, have to be sighted by an officer from the bank. Take a look at the official website to find out what documents are considered for identity and residence proof.

How To Activate HSBC Credit Card

Now you are certainly interested in how to activate HSBC credit card, so as to use it. You may achieve this simple, but ultimate task in different ways:

  • Your ATM PIN may be used to activate it on an HSBC ATM;
  • You also may perform a PIN based transactions;
  • Or you may call HSBC India Phone Banking.

If, for security reasons for example, you decide on changing your PIN, you may do it at an ATM both in India and overseas.

HSBC Credit Card Benefits

Interested in knowing HSBC credit card benefits? Here they are:

  • Availability of information and services through a digital platform;
  • Getting bank support through the phone;
  • Cash on EMI (Equated Monthly Installments)
  • Rewards Program
HSBC Credit Card Benefits

How To Redeem HSBC Credit Card Points

Maybe how to redeem HSBC credit card points is the most expected set of procedures to be known by the cardholders.

First of all, it’s important to know that it is not an automatic process. If a cardholder already has got a number of points which allow it to redeem a reward, there are some procedures to be followed.

  • They have to fill a redemption form and submit it or send it to the nearest branch in India. As soon as it is received by HSBC it takes three weeks to be fulfilled. E-vouchers are delivered on customer´s registered e-mail and mobile number via SMS and fulfilled within a week after received;
  • Other option is visiting the bank website or also use the Phone Banking facility to redeem the points;
  • It’s very important the form to be fully and correctly filled, otherwise the redemption request will not be serviced.

Another important detail to be informed is that the cardholder needs to have registered for HSBC website and will need the Internet Banking ID to keep on the process.

There are many options for the cardholders to redeem their points, since the huge amount of categories they have:

  • Garments;
  • Home appliances;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Gift vouchers;
  • Airline miles
  • Donations for charities;
  • Electronics;
  • Hotel bookings.

Below you can see a chart which explains how many points you can get according to the card you choose:

Credit Card Type Points Rewarded Purchase
Classic 1 Every purchase of Rs. 250
Gold 1 Every purchase of Rs. 100
Smart Value 1 Every purchase of Rs. 100
Platinum 2 Every purchase of Rs. 150
Premier 2 Every purchase of Rs. 100

For more information about the airline and hotel rewards you may check HSBC website.

How To Check HSBC Credit Card Balance

To check HSBC credit card balance you will have to:

  • Click and open the HSBC Mobile Banking app;
  • Enter your username and password;
  • Click on the option “balances”;
  • Click on the credit card you want to know the balance

How To Get HSBC Credit Card Statement

It’s quite important to be aware about how to get HSBC credit card statement. Due to it you could use your credit card in a safe and moderate way and analyze your expenses according to your lifestyle.

And about getting it, you don´t need to worry because it is couriered to your mailing address. Other detail which sums up to the previous one to make you feel safe is that the Airway Bill Number is sent to you by SMS.

If you want you may have your statement by e-mail address. To register for e-statements you must:

  1. Log onto HSBC´s Internet Banking Service;
  2. Set up a request by choosing the option “Request e-statements” in the main menu;
  3. Wait for the mail and an SMS message that will be sent to you informing when it will be ready.

How To Proceed With HSBC Credit Card Payment

There are many and easy ways related to your HSBC credit card payment. Here they are: N.E.F.T. (National Electronic Funds Transfer), Drop-boxes, draft, over the counter, Electronic Clearing System (option available in select cities only), ATM.

In case the cardholder is also an account holder there is extra options:

  • Internet banking;
  • Phone banking;
  • Standing Instructions;

How To Proceed With HSBC Credit Card Payment By App

If more convenience is required you may pay your credit card statement by using the app. So, you will have to:

  • Use the secure login to log in;
  • Select the debit account you wish to send from;
  • Click on the option “New payee”. Then select the option “Payee lookup”;
  • Type the first 6 digits of your credit card in “Find a company” box;
  • The reference number for the payment is your 16-digit-credit card number (there must be no spaces).

How To Increase HSBC Credit Card Limit

To be successful about how to increase HSBC credit card limit you will have to fill up a form called “Credit Card Enhancement Form”. You will find it under the Applications Form section in the bank website.

You will also be requested to submit some documents like the previously mentioned form.

How To Cancel HSBC Credit Card

If your doubt is how to cancel HSBC credit card, you must:

  • By using your user ID and password login to HSBC Internet Banking and submit your request;
  • Call HSBC Phone Banking and register a card closure request;
  • Submit a written request at any HSBC branch

Don’t forget to cut your credit card after submitting your request.

HSBC Credit Card Phone Number

If you have any query about credit card you may use the following numbers:

1800 267 3456 / 1800 121 2208.

In case you need more information, you may use your hsbc bank credit card login and learn it from the website.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your card!